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PR and Marketing:
Well written press releases transformed market reach. Properly targeted marketing campaigns both save and earn money. Good PR pays.

We successfully created press releases and focused marketing campaigns for companies both large and small. 

Too 5EXi for words:
Launching a new sportscar into an ultra competitive market is not a task to be undertaken lightly. But we created a name that the press could have a field day with - and that was just the start.
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Sportster moves up-market: 
Moving products up-market on a small budget takes a very focused marketing campaign. Well written press releases with a good photo, targeted at Times and Telegraph readers can certainly hit the spot. Adverts this size in all major papers countrywide would cost a small fortune!
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    'More than a TOi'                                       'Faster than a Ferrari'
The Seeway Trust: 
Local charities, especially ones that take care of children in desperate need is always a cause close to our hearts. So it was with great pleasure that we were able to help out this Devon based charity which protects children throughout the world.

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All images on this website are copyright and may not be used without written consent.