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Video & Audio creation, plus software assembly for the production of Interactive Business Cards, Custom Screensavers, Entertainment Video CD's & DVD's, Telephone answering systems, PC Games…
(Please Note - For website display purposes, all the sample video and audio clips 
 available here, have had to be made small and reduced in quality.)
Audio & Music: 
Phone On-Hold Sales Pitch Messaging - 
Don't miss that vital chance when your customers are waiting. In conjunction with our associate company Aardvark-PR we produced the following telephone answering 'sales pitch' for Baumann Springs.
Typical on-hold 'sales' pitch.
   Click image to hear on-hold sales pitch (1Mb mp3).
Music Composition - Music composed for all occasions. Good music and sound FX are an essential part of any multimedia presentation.

Whether its an interactive business card or a computer game.

Click to hear music composition
   Click guitar to hear composition. (800Kb mp3).
Video & DVD Filming and Editing: 
Motorsport Video - We have been successfully producing British Championship sporting videos for many a year .

In the new millenium it became a natural progression to move to Video-CD and DVD, 'Psycho Motor' shown here was our first multimedia round up of a years dirt bike action.

Click to view Psycho Motor 1 sample video (mpg).
   Click DVD case to view small video clip (3Mb mpg).
Music Video - As we also play instruments and compose, adding our video skills seemed a very natural progression. 
SeeHummer Babe video clip (wmv). Click for 1st-Time video clip (wmv).
Click video image for 'Hummer-Babe' clip (2Mb wmv). Click video image for '1st-Time' clip (3Mb wmv).
Interactive Business Cards & Custom Screensavers: 
Interactive Business Cards  - Create a real impression with a multimedia business card that plays like a CD-ROM. A great opportunity to show off your company's products and profile.
   This sample will be available shortly.
Custom Multimedia Screensavers  - An ideal way to protect PC work-screen privacy and sell the corporate message.

Screensavers can contain, photos, video, illustrations, music or graphics and are so easy to install.

   This sample will be available shortly.

If you are wondering how multimedia could help sell your product - contact us.


All images on this website are copyright and may not be used without written consent.