Minolta RAW Conversion Software Comparator
Original RAW File shot by Adrian with a KM A2 at ISO100.
Hover your mouse above each program name where indicated below, to see how well each compares -


Raw Shooter Essentials

Silkypix Free

Capture One4


Bibble Default

CS4 ACR Auto

Raw Therapee + NW

Dimage Viewer

Capture One4 has been set as the 'Default' image, which is the one that appears when other buttons
are not hovered over - as I think its the one to beat, as regards extracting maximum picture detail.

Hopefully these images will stay inline now when using different web browsers. Previously they were
jumping about a bit. Please let me know if there are any snags.

How the comparator test was setup/created.


The image above was taken on a Konica Minolta A2 at ISO100 in RAW format. This image was then converted using software from different vendors and imported into Photoshop CS2 to crop identical slices from each conversion. These slices were then joined side by side and the middle one titled to show which program had converted the original RAW file.

As the mouse hovers over each button, all three converted image parts - created by the software named below the hover button - replace the default image (the one that is shown permanently until a button is hovered over. ). I have chosen the Capture One4 conversion as the default, as I consider it to be the one to beat for crisp accurate detail.

List of used converter settings...
(to go here soon)


I still have at least another 4 comparisons to add, but hope these are enough to promote a good discussion,
- and until I have the time to ad details of what all the settings are and why..

Worthy of Note: This is an A2 file. When using converting RAW images from the 5mp KM Cameras -
IE. The D7, D7i, D7hi & A1 series, the RAW converter software requires very different settings and the results
of which may be considered best could well be very different.

If anyone wants to download this page and use my code to create another comparator they are very welcome.

I will add a download link to the original RAW file here soon also, as it will give others a chance to do their
utmost to beat the best above. Any better than above will certainly be displayed !

This is to be expanded, improved upon as soon as I can.

Adrian Harris